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Wholesale Retail Tree Shrub Nursery West Michigan"> <meta name="keywords" content="Wholesale, Retail, Shade tree, Hosta, Tree, Shrub, Nursery, Michigan, Christmas Trees, Wreaths, holiday plants, frosty snowman"> <style> BODY { COLOR: #cccc99; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif } TD { COLOR: #cccc99; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif } TH { COLOR: #cccc99; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif } A:link { COLOR: #000099} A:visited { COLOR: #000099} A:hover { COLOR: #000099} .style4 { FONT-SIZE: 10px } .style5 { FONT-SIZE: 12px } BODY { BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(/bkgd.gif); BACKGROUND-COLOR: #336633} body,td,th { color: #000000; } a:active { color: #000099; } .style1 { color: #990066; font-weight: bold; } .style15 {color: #000066} .style17 {color: #000066; font-size: medium; } .style19 {font-size: 36px} </style></head> <body> <div align="center"> <img src="images/clear.gif" height="26" width="28"> </div> <table align="center" background="Welcome To the Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club_files/brwnpattern4.jpg" bgcolor="#000000" border="0" cellpadding="0" width="1000"> <tbody> <tr> <td><div align="center"><img src="images/banner_won.jpg" usemap="#Map2" border="0" height="290" width="1000"></div> <img src="images/ban3.jpg" usemap="#Map3" border="0" height="150" width="1000"> <table align="center" border="1" bordercolor="#996600" cellpadding="15" width="100%"> <tbody><tr bgcolor="#776f4d"> <th scope="col" align="center" bgcolor="#ebe4cd" height="164" valign="top"> <div align="center"> <h2><a href="http://www.wolivenursery.com/sales"><font color="red">Click here for our Great April Specials!!!!</font></a></h2></div><a href="http://wonursery.weebly.com/" target="_blank">Our specials can also be found on our Weebly site!</a><br><div align="left"> <h2 align="left"><a href="wholesale/wholsale.html">West Olive Nursery Wholesale Operations </a></h2> <h2 class="style15" align="left"><u>HOURS: </u></h2> <h3 class="style15" align="left">Ph: (616) 399-6184<br> Fax: (616) 399-4887</h3> <h4 class="style15" align="left">Current Hours:&nbsp; M-F 8-4</h4> <p class="style17">Your customers want the best and they want them on time. You'll find a great selection and price at West Olive Nursey, come in today and set up your account. We have wholesale arborvitae, conifers, decidous shrubs, decidous trees, vines, groundcover, ferns and much much more onsite! We are West Michigans preeminent source for potted flowering shrub,potted trees and starter plants. </p></div> <div align="left"> <h2 align="left"><a href="OliveBranch.html">Olive Branch Plant Center Retail Nursery </a></h2> <h2 align="left"><u>HOURS </u></h2> <div align="left"> <blockquote></blockquote> </div> <h4 class="style15" align="left">Current Hours:&nbsp; M-F 8-4</h4><h4 class="style15" align="left">PH: (616) 399-1150</h4> <p class="style17" align="left"><font color="red">West Olive Nursery, come see our tree's and you'll never want to leaf!</font> </p> <p class="style17" align="left">We're located just north of Holland and just South of Grand Haven. Also Just West of Grand Rapids, and a wee bit East of Milwaukee.</p> <p class="style17" align="left">West Olive Nursery specializes in shade loving&nbsp; perennial plants and perennial flowers. We offer varieties of Hosta plants and are adding new perennials to our catalog all the time. You'll find we have the best and healthiest assortment of evergreens, shrubs, conifers, fruit trees and shade trees on the Lakeshore.</p> <p class="style17" align="left">You'll not only find an extensive selection, but a multitude of selctions with our selections. We carry most plants in 3-4 different sizes!! So if you want your plants big or small, come see us we have them all! </p> <p class="style17" align="left">Check with us each week online to find our daily specials, as well as monthly specials! When in doubt, drive on out! We will always make time for you, and as always you may browse and meander all day long! </p> <p class="style17"><strong>Visit West Olive Nursery, greenhouses and garden&nbsp;center for beautiful and unusual plants, supplies, organic growing supplies, tools, and fine quality gifts.</strong></p> <p class="style17"><strong>We are locally and family owned, we look forward to putting our 50 years of combined experience to work helping you. Bring in your photos &amp; dimensions &amp; we can work with you free of charge at our nursery.</strong>(Please call ahead) </p></div></th> </tr> </tbody><tbody> <tr> <td bgcolor="#000000">&nbsp;</td> </tr></tbody></table> <p>&nbsp;</p></td></tr> <tr> <td images/clear.gif="" background="&gt;&lt;IMG height=26 src=" width="28"></td> </tr></tbody></table> <p class="style5" align="center"><span class="style4"><a href="directions.html">Location</a> ||<a href="sales/index.html">Events</a> || <a href="about.html">Contact</a> || <a href="index.html">Home</a></span></p> <div align="center"></div> <p class="style4" align="center"> West olive Nursey. All rights reserved. <br> <img src="images/clear.gif" height="26" width="28"></p> <map name="Map"><area shape="rect" coords="13,6,91,28" href="www.muskegonbowmen.com/map.html" alt="MAP"><area shape="rect" coords="118,5,204,30" href="www.muskegonbowmen.com/au.html"></map> <map name="Map2"><area shape="rect" coords="26,4,160,38" href="about.html"><area shape="rect" coords="195,4,340,38" href="wholesale/wholsale.html"><area shape="rect" coords="378,4,468,42" href="retail/index.html"><area shape="rect" coords="506,5,662,45" href="directions.html"><area shape="rect" coords="806,8,807,9" href="#"><area shape="rect" coords="797,7,928,36" href="sales/index.html"><area shape="circle" coords="141,137,83" href="index.html"></map> <map name="Map3"><area shape="rect" coords="773,6,994,146" href="http://twitter.com/WOliveNursery" target="_blank" alt="TWEET TWEET"><area shape="rect" coords="2,3,224,147" href="http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages&amp;tid=1432090326734#%21/group.php?gid=326259795422&amp;v=wall" target="_blank" alt="Facebook"></map></body></html>